ShieldGuard Privacy Pro™ Anti-Spy Glass Protector for iPhones

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Introducing ShieldGuard Privacy Pro™, your ultimate defense against prying eyes on your iPhone.

Our Anti-Spy Glass Protector, crafted from premium tempered glass, ensures 28-degree privacy protection, shielding your screen from curious onlookers. Enjoy a full-screen experience with ultra-clear, 4K cinema-style images, while the peep-proof design ensures that your screen remains visible only to you.

The high-density protection layer, equipped with scratch-resistant and skin oil-resistant technology, guarantees lasting durability. No more worries about scratches or smudges compromising your privacy.



Compatible with all iPhone styles from 7 through 15, this tempered glass protector is designed with Anti-Glare, Anti-Smudge and Anti-Shatter features. 

Whether it’s a crowded subway or a busy cafe, rest assured that the person sitting beside you won’t be able to sneak a peek at your screen.

Why leave your iPhone vulnerable when you can have the ShieldGuard Privacy Pro™? Don’t wait – fortify your privacy and elevate your screen protection today!


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