WISETIGER Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor IPX7 Waterproof Stereo

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🎵 Embrace music’s surge with 30W power wherever you go! 🌊

This 30W IPX7 waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker elevates music to a whole new level. No matter where you are, it’s your perfect musical companion. Its compact size means you can carry it effortlessly, letting you enjoy captivating music at home or on the go. 🏡✈️🎶

🔊 High-Fidelity Sound, Waves of Audio – A New Realm of Music 🎼
30W powerful sound, with thunderous bass, intricate mids, and delightful highs, delivers crystal-clear and intense music like never before. What’s even more amazing is that you can pair two separate speakers via Bluetooth, creating a surround sound experience that immerses you entirely. Especially ideal for gaming, music, and movies, it surrounds you in an ocean of sound. 🎮🎬

📡 Mighty Bluetooth 5.3 Technology – Zero Waiting for Music 📶
Music without delays, rhythm without interruptions. With Bluetooth 5.3 technology, your signal connection remains stable and reliable. It supports a wireless Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters, allowing you to enjoy music wherever you are without disrupting your daily activities. 🚶‍♂️🎵

🔋 Up to 24 Hours of Playback – Never Interrupted 🕒
No more worries about music interruptions! A single charge provides a full day of continuous playback. You can also control the colorful LED lights and two hidden speaker lights by clicking the “Light Button” on the surface, catering to your different needs while extending battery life. Please note that actual playback time may vary based on volume, audio content, and usage. 🔋🌈

🌦️ IPX7 Waterproof and Sturdy Design – Unfazed by Rain and Shine 🌈
This speaker is not only waterproof but also ruggedly durable. It boasts an IPX7 advanced waterproof rating, effectively shielding against rain and splashes. Crafted with high-performance materials and drop-resistant design, it’s more robust than similar products. Perfect for family gatherings, pool parties, beach bashes, outdoor barbecues, cycling adventures, hiking, and camping activities. 🌧️🏖️

🌟 Pulse Colorful Lights with EQ – The Light of Music 🌟
A perfect fusion of music and lights! Colorful LED lights and two hidden speaker lights synchronize with the music beats, creating a stunning light show. Infuse vibrancy into your gatherings and make your nights more dazzling. 🎉💃

No matter where you are, this 30W sound-packed IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth speaker guarantees an unparalleled music experience. Enjoy music, move freely, let the notes resonate in your life, and add energy and passion to every moment! 🎶🌍🔊


25W Loud Stereo Sound

Crisp highs, strong midranges, punchy bass.

EQ Pulsing Light Show

Create RGB colorful light show for your party.

Up to 24 Hours of Playtime

Advanced electric vehicle battery technology ensures an extended battery life.

Truly IPX7 Waterproof

Perfect Teen Gifts Idea


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